• Credibility – Not everything can be digital (and it shouldn’t be).
  • Tangibility – Sometimes people need something they can hold.
  • Solid Branding – Solidify your brand value.
  • Multi Media Combination – Increase consumer reach by combining print and online strategies.
  • Exclusion of Devices – It’s you and your message unplugged, in case of a power outage.

If you think that print marketing is all about giving away brochures, business cards and presentation folders, then you are missing the full potential of this effective promotional technique. Print media can also consist of promotional pens, t-shirts, drinkware and coasters.

These items are considered by customers as promotional gifts, allowing them to physically connect with your business. They seem more direct and personal than an e-card or mass email. Print advertising is a very efficient way of establishing a brand identity and for communicating that to the target market.

The greatest ROI achievable through marketing is by combining digital and print marketing. Digital marketing drives people to your site and for physical goods or services to your doorstep. The excellent thing about print marketing is that it has crossover with digital. It’s amazingly simple to devote a small space at the bottom of a leaflet to your social media addresses, or to a special on your website. If nothing else, the simplicity of integration should make you think seriously about it.

Marketing is still impactful on the consumer through print. In the digital age, many businesses are moving to a more online presence, which in itself is a great marketing ploy, rather than have a physical, malleable presence through print or another medium.

Booklets, brochures, signs, leaflets, banners, building wraps, they all play a part in having an effect of the consumer which is the end goal. Here at PRiNT 24, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality print possible. With an in-house design and manufacturing team, this business has proven itself over the last 52 years to become one of the leaders in corporate print.
If you would like to find out more or request any samples, then please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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